What services do you offer?

– Computer Application
– Internet Research
– Office Management
– Customer Service/ Technical Support
– Virtual Assistance
– Data Entry/ Word Processing
– Administrative Support
– Social Media Marketing
– Website Maintenance
– Project Management
– Calendar Management
– Writing and Editing

What are your terms of payments?

If the project is small (less than $1000,) payment is due after the delivery of service.

If the project is more than $1000 worth, we set a weekly milestone with payment. For every milestone completed, a certain portion is paid until it is fully paid by the end of the project.

For hourly projects, we go by Elance (now Upwork) terms. Payment is expected within 7 days after the time sheet has been submitted. If payment is not received 2 weeks from the date the time sheet was sent to the client, we STOP working until the client takes care of ALL overdue invoices and make sure that his account is current and in good standing. It is only then that we resume working.

Terms can be flexible based on specific project requirements and needs (upon approval.)


Do you take US Clients only?

No. We accept clients all over the world. At one point, we had five clients from five continents of the world. It will be great to have a client from all seven continents! :)


Do you take a check or cash for payments?

No. Payments are received through Paypal, bank money transfer, Elance,  We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and others.


Do you give discounts?

Yes. We provide long -term clients a “three-month discounted trial rate.” This gives the client three months to test our skills and see if we are a good fit for what they need. On the fourth month and client decides to keep us, regular fees applies.

(Fees depend on the services we provide)


Are all your employees from the United States ?

No. We hire our team members from all over. Because we started as a home- based business, we have people from different countries and from all walks of life. We hire our team members based on individual’s skills and talents. It’s the reliability and excellence in project output that counts!

Please know that aside from our home office in Washington, USA, we have another office that houses up to 30 workers (per shift/ 60 workers for 24-hour shift ) in our second office in Cavite, Philippines. This is the office we use for big projects that require an office set- up (similar to a call center) with a number of workers working at the same time.


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