Minimalist Ways to Maximize Your Workspace

Minimalist Ways to Maximize Your Workspace

Everything functions efficiently when you have systems in place. Establishing systems is easier to do in your homes where you have better control of who goes in and out, and what stays or gets thrown out. However, it might be harder to organize your workspace when you share it with a dozen (or a hundred) other employees.

Offices already come with built-in systems, cubicles, and workspaces and sometimes, it might be hard to customize your own workspace to your preferences. But fear not, there are a few ways you can customize your workspace. Don’t worry if it’s just a piece of real estate in a long open table set up. You can still tweak it so that it looks and functions exactly how you want it – plus points if you have your own cubicle and major plus points if you have your own office!

Here are a few minimalist ways on how you can maximize your workspace:

If your workspace comes equipped with staplers, copy paper, pens, and other office supplies – you might want to consider returning those you don’t use on a regular basis to the supply room. You might not need the ream of copy paper lying around on your desk – and this is true for all offices who are going or have gone paperless. This frees up space and makes your workspace feel less cramped. Just keep the supplies that you regularly use conveniently nearby.

Consider “reducing.” If you can’t eliminate items out completely off of your workspace, then consider reducing the number. I mean, do you really need 15 pens..and are you sure all of them are even working?! How about keeping 3 and stashing the rest in a drawer or pen case? Keep your favorite ones and make sure they’re all working.

Here’s a minimalist tip that’s universally true. If you haven’t seen it in and used it in 6 months – you didn’t need it in the first place! So go through your drawers and toss out or give away anything that you have not used in 6 months. Sure, the gold and pink stationery is beautiful, but if you haven’t used it in half a year, give it to someone who will appreciate it just as much as you do. It’ll make a nice gift for your co-worker’s daughter or for your mom who still writes handwritten “thank-you” notes.

Stop buying things just because they’re on sale. Do not – I repeat – do not buy that organizer just because it’s on sale when you already have two on your desk. One for organizing the office stuff and one for organizing the organizers for the office stuff.

Keep as much of your worktable clear as best you can. Not only is clutter cramping your style but unnecessary objects on your workspace creates visual noise that might be distracting not only to you but for everyone who can see it. On that note, if you buy something new – get rid of something old. This will keep clutter to a minimum.

Keep a trash bin nearby. Every time you feel the need to purge, do it immediately. Keeping a trash bin nearby will help you make that decision and not hesitate or leave it for another day. You’ll either forget or make up an excuse as to why you’re still holding on to that chipped mug from two Christmases ago.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking at that pile of papers and what-not on your desk and free up your precious workspace! Keep your workspace clutter free. Remember also to stay humble and hustle hard.


Written by Jaie O.- The Help